Five Things to Know about Finance: November 17, 2022


1.  Instead of holding Office Hours this November, UVAFinance trainers offer one-on-one time you can that can be scheduled individually.  Visit the Workday Finance Training page if you'd like to schedule some Time with a Trainer; just look for the area you need help with!

2.  Procurement has altered its payment schedule on November 23-25 to accommodate the Thanksgiving holidays.  on the 22nd the AP team will make all payments scheduled through December 2nd. Payments suitable for processing must be fully approved and ready for settlement by 9 am on November 22nd.  The daily stabilization payment schedule will reconvene on November 28th.

3.  The FST & UVAFinance Team are updating resources and processes related to spend, match exception, old purchase orders, and more on the UVAFinance website.  

4.  The process for submitting a non-catalog form changes on November 21, moving from Marketplace to Workday.  This should help decrease match exceptions and increase prompt payment.  Here's a quick reference guide that outlines the new process.

5.  VP for Finance Melody Bianchetto announced her retirement effective February 3, 2023.  A search committee is being convened to find her successor.  We will miss her deeply!