FST Update: November 17, 2022

Time with a Trainer for One-on-One Workday Finance Assistance

 We’ve had almost two dozen individual Time with Trainer sessions so far in November.  If you find yourself needing some help with Workday and it’s the kind of thing you’d normally have come to Office Hours to sort out, go to the Workday FinanceTraining page and sign up for one on one time with our finance trainers – you can choose the area you need help in, from account certification, to purchase requisitions, to expense reports, and so forth, and get on a trainer’s schedule who has expertise in that.

Multiple FST Resources / Updates

  • Spend Issues: We continue to track and report on Spend issues caused by the conversion from Oracle to Workday Financials on the UVAFinance website (match exceptions, old purchase orders, etc.).  
  • Change to Non-Catalog Form: UVA Procurement is making a change to the process used to submit a non-catalog form by moving the process from UVAMarketplace to Workday. This new form will go into effect on 21 November 2022. This change to the non-catalog form is an integral component of improving our Payables operation. Read more on the blog.
  • Fund Balances: During FST, many schools and units participated in optional Fund Balance Realignment activities facilitated by central finance and the project team. Inaccurate fund balances can result in some cases if schools and units didn't participate in the exercise. Users can access the Day in the Life of a Fiscal Administrator (Reporting FAQ) resource to find guidance on which reports can be used to find fund balances.  
  • Account Certification: We will continue to track issues with Account certification on the UVAFinance website.To help our colleagues with Account Certification while we work on enhancements, we have collected resources and guidance for your convenience. See all the resources listed here on the blog.
  • Deferred Items (Updated November 15): The project team is in the process of addressing 51 items that were deferred at go-live.  These items represent pre-existing requirements that the team was aware of at go live, as opposed to opportunities for enhancements.  You can see the full listing of deferred items, their status, and their impact, on the FST portion of the UVAFinance website (just click on "Full Listing of Deferred Items").
  • See also this handy FAQ from the November Fiscal Administrators' meeting, addressing several questions our attendees had about purchase orders, fund balances, reporting, account certification, and more.