Payroll Getting the Job Done: Resources, Teamwork

Most of us across Grounds receive our pay every two weeks – a solid schedule with an understood deadline. But for those working in Payroll, pay deadlines are weekly and they are never the same. With adjustments to pay due to items such as faculty awards, CVC deductions, changing work schedules, new hires, retirements, time off payouts, and more, no week looks just like the next.

Managing deadlines for the Medical Center, Physicians Group, and UVA Academics, Payroll never shuts down, not even when the university closes for winter break.

So how do they manage so many deadlines in a tight timeframe?

A representative from Payroll shares that it is all about good project management and using available resources.

The staff are split into team areas and designate work in shifts. For instance, as many of us were enjoying our time off, Payroll teams split work into four-hour shifts to monitor incoming data and requests and ensure tasks are completed and employees are paid.

Payroll receives data from multiple sources – from Workday to Kronos to email. Streamlining how they respond to changes in data is important, so they use Salesforce to track all incoming inquiries. The inquiries are either handled immediately or assigned and each one is tracked to ensure it is resolved.

Workday’s Worksheets is a great tool for Payroll as they can collaborate around live data, and where all the data resides in a secure, enterprise environment. They use the Worksheets to for data entry and check it against their work in Salesforce. This provides organization and informs their process.

The teams stay in contact through Microsoft Teams channels and help each other out so that work gets done quickly and efficiently and ultimately, so important pay deadlines are met.

So even though each week looks vastly different than the previous one, collaborative processes and cloud-based technology keep the Payroll team moving forward with some of the most important systems on Grounds.