What are you up to? We want to know!

 UVAFinance team members represent the University at conferences, lectures, events, and panels. And often, team members attend events and trainings that inform them about their jobs and careers. The Coms Team want to know about all of that! 


Well, your participation in such events helps generate more interest in UVAFinance's work. It also helps demonstrate the University's commitment to lifelong learning and striving to always be great and good. Traveling to a conference, participating, and returning to the office with new connections and knowledge makes UVA even better and helps you and your teams excel. 

The communications team would like to share your participation in events and it is easy to let us know about them. If you post about your participation on LinkedIn, simply tag us by adding "@" and then start typing "UVAFinance," a LinkedIn drop-down menu will allow you to choose our office and then we are linked in your post. 

You can also email information to [email protected] or [email protected] - that will ensure the information is shared on the proper communication channel. It's an easy way to garner further interest in the next year's conference, share some tips you learned, and help us demonstrate to prospective team members and the greater community exactly how dynamic your jobs are.