Are there expenses for which ExpenseUVA CANNOT be used to pay employees?

ExpenseUVA cannot be used for the following:

  • Make cash payments to employees: unless the employee has incurred out of pocket costs for business expense.

  • Royalties and human subject (research participation) payments: To receive these types of payment the employee must register in UVA Marketplace Registration Portal and payment should be made using the payment voucher including the IRB number.

  • Revenue Refunds: To receive this type of payment, the employee must register in the UVA Marketplace Registration Portal and be paid by a Payment Voucher in the Integrated System.

  • Direct purchase of services from an individual or sole proprietor using your personal credit card/cash/check. Per University policy, employees cannot be reimbursed for these types of purchases - these must be made with a purchase order or the Travel and Expense Card to ensure tax compliance.