GA Recon Roles and Responsibilities

A Role is a Project Key Member title (Fiscal Contact, Examiner, Approver, etc.) assigned in the Integrated System (IS) used to restrict access to data in the Recon@UVA system and identify one's position in the reconciliation workflow.

For reconciliation purposes, the Preparer and Approver roles are required and the same individual cannot be assigned as both for any project.

Recon@ Workflow
  • Preparer:  The person responsible for the detailed reconciliation, including maintenance of source documents to verify all transactions are legitimate.  This role is known as the “Fiscal Contact” in the Integrated System and is a required role in the Recon@UVA system.

  • Examiner:  The person responsible for examining and verifying the work of the Preparer prior to final approval.  This is an optional role in the reconciliation process and can be assigned in the Integrated System.

  • Approver:  The person who has fiduciary responsibility and the appropriate knowledge and authority to authorize reconciliations.  This is a required role in the Recon@UVA system and must be assigned on any Non-Sponsored Project in the Integrated System.

  • Principal Investigator (PI):  The person responsible for program and budgetary management of a grant or contract.  This role is only assigned on Sponsored Projects and will serve as the “Approver” in the Recon@UVA system. 

  • Fiscal Officer:  The person responsible for verifying that expenditures for the assigned Project-Award combinations adhere to the University Policies and Procedures.  He/she will receive notification if reconciliations are not completed within 30 days of the due date.  This role is assigned in the Integrated System and provides viewer access to monitor activity in Recon@UVA.

  • Vice President/Dean:  The person notified when their unit’s accounts have not been reconciled within 60 days.  This list is maintained by the Recon@UVA system administrator and provides viewer access to monitor activity.

To maintain accurate Role assignments in Recon@UVA, contact your unit’s Role Manager to update a Project’s Key Members in the Integrated System.  

Note:  Users may assign an “Alternate” (Preparer, Examiner, or Approver) in the Recon@UVA system to facilitate reconciliation.  Alternates must be knowledgeable of the relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines for reconciling departmental records.  The assignment of an alternate does not alleviate the fiscal responsibility of the Person of Record.