General GL Information

What is a Revenue Parent?

  • A Revenue Parent is a combination of Revenue Projects that has a project number beginning with the characters "RP" in the Integrated System. 
  • All the Revenue Projects in a Revenue Parents have a like purpose
  • It is used for reporting purposes
  • Revenue is not deposited into the RP
GL Revenue/GA Expenditures Diagram

How do I find Revenue/Expenditure Project Associations?

  • Integrated System (Oracle)
    • Must have the Award Manager responsibility
    • GM Award Manager -> Grants Accounting -> Awards ->Enter Award Number
Find Revenue Project
  • University Business Intelligence (UBI)
    • GL Reference Module
    • Select Active Close Prjs/Awds Excluded to remove any close projects from the list
    • You can use the filters in the right side Panes like Select Project(s) or Select Award(s) to filter down to your org or look at specific projects/awards
Find Revenue Project in UBI