GL Recon Roles FAQ

Who is the GL Approver the Project Approver or the Project Manager? 

  • Either - The unit can chose either the Project Approver or the Project Manager to approve the GL reconciliations.  However, if the Project Manager is also the Fiscal Contact then the Project Approver will have to approve the GL Reconciliation.

How can I be assigned as a Preparer or Approver?  

  • In order to be the Preparer or Approver of record,  you must be listed as a Key Member in the Integrated System, specifically the Fiscal Contact (Preparer) or the Project Approver/Project Manager (Approver).  If you need to make changes to Key Members, you can find detailed instructions here:  Key Member Change Request

      Note: This may affect your GA Reconciliation process. 

Can I assign an Alternate? 

  • Yes - An alternate reconciler may be assigned to facilitate reconciliation of your projects. The alternate reconciler must be knowledgeable of the relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines for reconciling departmental records. The assignment of an alternate reconciler does not alleviate the fiscal responsibility of the Person of Record. A written record of the alternate assignment must be kept with the reconciliation documentation. It must include a list of the projects, date range, and names and signatures of the Person of Record and the alternate (General Ledger Reconciliation Alternate Assignment Form). 

How do I obtain signatures for my GL Alternate Assignment Forms digitally? 

  • The ReconUVA Team has developed a DocuSign PowerForm to facilitate obtaining signatures needed in order to assign a GL Alternate.  You can initiate the form here