Sell to UVA

Supplier Training

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) provides bi-monthly vendor (supplier) training sessions in order to help suppliers understand the purchasing and accounts payable processes at the University. 

This Supplier Training aims to give both seasoned suppliers and suppliers new to the University a better understanding of who buys for UVA, how they buy it, and how they pay for it. 

There is no fee to attend, but advance registration is required. For more information, visit Vendor (Supplier) Training.



Supplier and Non-Supplier Registration

Suppliers and non-suppliers must be registered in the UVA Marketplace Registration Portal in order to receive a purchase order or a payment. For information and training, visit Registration with the University.

eVA and the UVA Marketplace

Note: The following applies only to vendors providing goods and services to UVA. It does not apply to individuals registering as payees with UVA in order to be paid a reimbursement.

eVA is the Commonwealth of Virginia's eProcurement System. UVA hosts catalogs and delivers electronic orders through its own eProcurement System, the UVA Marketplace. However, state law requires that 75% of University purchasing dollars go to eVA-registered vendor ordering locations. Both vendors and UVA are assessed an eVA fee on all such orders, with some exceptions. For more information, see eVA for Suppliers.

For Small, Women-, and Minority-owned Businesses

In order to be classified as a Minority-owned, Women-owned, or Small business (SWaM), vendors must also be certified as such by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD). Vendors may request SBSD certification at For more information on certification, and for resources for SWaM suppliers, visit UVA Supplier Diversity


Doing Business with UVA

Business Opportunities

Procurement Policy

All UVA procurement activities are subject to the laws of the Commonwealth and are conducted in accordance with the policies of the Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP). These policies are published in the Purchasing Manual for Institutions of Higher Education and their Vendors.


There are several things suppliers can do to ensure a good working relationship with UVA:

Customer Service

  • Customer service responds to inquiries
  • Packing slip/list included with shipment matches PO
  • Package is labeled correctly (with PO# requester name and address)
  • Provide information about situations that may delay order fulfillment (e.g., back order situations, plant closures, impending shortages or strikes)


  • Processing of returns/credits in a timely manner (less than 1 month = 30 days)
  • Discount pricing is provided correctly on items
  • Do not offer gifts or gratuities that may influence or affect university purchasing decisions. Incentives should take the form of quality or price considerations

Quality of Product or Service

  • Catalog has up-to-date pricing and goods/services included
  • Supply the University with the latest catalogs and price lists in electronic format
  • Inform the University if specifications for a product can be improved to provide better quality/longer life and/or reduce its cost

On-Time Delivery

  • Delivery is completed on date indicated or otherwise previously agreed upon
  • Delivery is completed to designated dock or desktop location
  • Follow through on orders to ensure delivery as promised


  • Invoices are submitted in a timely manner and match the PO.
  • Outstanding invoices are audited by your firm on a regular basis.