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Acronym Meaning


Accounts Payable


Accounts Receivable


Budget Balance Available


Bicentennial Scholars Fund


Credit Card


Electronic Self-Help Access Request Process


Equipment Trust Fund


Electronic procurement system (for

What is a Revenue Parent?

  • A Revenue Parent is a combination of Revenue Projects that has a project number beginning with the characters "RP" in the Integrated System. 
  • All the Revenue Projects in a Revenue Parents have a like purpose
  • It is used for reporting purposes
  • Revenue is not deposited into the RP
GL Revenue/GA Expenditures Diagram

How do I find Revenue/Expenditure Project Associations?

  • Integrated System (Oracle)
    • Must have the Award Manager responsibility
    • GM Award Manager -> Grants Accounting -> Awards ->Enter Award Number
Find Revenue Project
  • University Business
What documentation am I required to keep?

Reconcilers must retain all supporting documentation related to financial transactions.

Note:  Signed and dated packing slips should be maintained when appropriate. 


  • Petty Cash - original documentation is forwarded to central offices.
  • Transactions in ExpenseUVA - unless required by a grant.
  • If a document resides electronically in the Integrated System, reconcilers are not required to print it.
Are documentation requirements different based the sponsor?

If you have questions regarding documentation requirements for

How can I remove Planned Expenses from my reconciliations?

  • In most cases, an outstanding planned expense is either a Purchase Order (PO) that needs to be finally-closed or a Purchase Requisition that needs to be canceled.  
What is the difference between a comment, an issue, and a reconciling item?
  • Comments are similar to sticky notes, or notes you would write in the margin of a report to provide additional information to reconcilers.  They can be entered at a BBA Summary, Budget Category, or Detail level.
  • Issues are comments entered at the Detail level indicating that the item needs follow-up.  An issue remains active until it is resolved or closed.
  • Reconciling Items are a dollar value entered at the BBA or Budget Category level to increase or decrease the budget balance available to account for future
How do I assign an Alternate in [email protected]?

Visit our Assigning an Alternate webpage for step-by-step instructions on completing this process in [email protected]

Can all roles utilize the Alternate feature in [email protected]?

Yes, all 3 roles in the reconciliation workflow (Preparer, Examiner, and Approver) can assign an Alternate.

  • The assignment of an Alternate does not alleviate the fiscal responsibility of the Person of Record. 
How do I know if I am an Alternate or the Person of Record?

The descriptive information in the header (once the view details folder icon has been clicked) lists

What is a "Role" in [email protected]?

In [email protected], roles are used to restrict users' access to data and identify one's position in the reconciliation workflow.  For each project, the following roles are used:

  • Preparer:  The person responsible for the detailed reconciliation, including maintenance of source documents to verify all transactions are legitimate.  This role is known as the “Fiscal Contact” in the Integrated System and is a required role in the [email protected] system.

  • Examiner:  The person responsible for examining and verifying the work of the Preparer prior to final approval. 

What do I need to do as an Approver?
  1. Once your reconciliations have been prepared and/or examined, log on to [email protected]

  2. Review the work of the Preparers and/or Examiners.

  3. Review issues, record comments, and request corrections as appropriate.

  4. Update reconciling items as appropriate.

  5. Certify and approve the reconciliation.  This step records the Approver’s signature and date. If changes are required, return to the Preparer for rework.

Can I approve an account when Issues have been identified?

Yes.  When you electronically sign your report what you

What do the icons mean?
Recon@UVA Icon Glossary
What do the "Actions" icons help me do?
Recon@ Action Icons
How can I keep my NetBadge from timing out?

Users should refresh their screen periodically to ensure their connection is renewed. If you will not be working in the system for a period of time (for instance, an hour or more), it is recommended that you close your internet session and start a new connection

What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is the University’s official reconciliation system of record that provides an electronic solution for the documentation of reconciliations for all organizational units at the University of Virginia (including all academic schools and departments).

Am I required to use [email protected]

Yes, use of the system is mandatory in order to electronically document the review and approval of each Project-Award combination.  

Do I have to print and/or sign reports?

No printing or signing is required.  All reconciler signatures are captured electronically and reports

The Office of the Treasurer is the steward of the University’s financial resources, practicing sound financial management in support of academic, scientific and faculty excellence. Reporting directly to the Vice President for Finance, the Treasurer’s office ensures the sustainability of the University’s mission and goals by:

Mission and Vision

We focus on forging strong relationships, managing capital, and mitigating risk with the goal of enabling the University’s aspirations, minimizing financial distraction, and providing peace of mind to our customers.


  • Trust - Show

Protecting the University against financial loss from property and liability risk exposures through the implementation of various risk management techniques.


  • Risk Financing - Maintain numerous insurance and self-insurance programs to protect the University and the University community against property and liability losses on Grounds and worldwide
  • Claims Management - Manage all property and liability claims that occur on University Grounds or arise from University operations worldwide—includes subrogation against third parties causing damage to University property
  • Loss
Treasury manages the University bank accounts, funds them, and invests any excess balances daily to optimize return on operating cash. Treasury also maintains adequate access to cash in order to meet forecasted liquidity needs.
Treasury issues and manages both long-term and short-term debt on behalf of the University. The University issues debt primarily to fund capital expenditures. Treasury also manages the interest rate risk of the University’s debt portfolio through its Interest Rate Risk Management Program.
Treasury acts as the bank for the University's departments and schools. It provides internal loans to meet projected funding needs and provides investment options and advice for units that want to invest excess cash.

Treasury Management manages the short-term investment of the University's working capital and oversees its long-term investments with the University of Virginia Investment Management Company (UVIMCO). The short-term investments are managed to provide the University with sufficient liquidity and safety for operating cash. Long-term investments are invested according to the guidelines in UVIMCO's Investment Policy statement.

Treasury also provides oversight of investments held outside UVIMCO, such as trusts and security-specific investments.


What is a wire?   

Wire transfers are a form of payment whereby funds are sent through the Federal Reserve Wire Network from one financial institution to another.

When should wires be submitted?

Wire transfers should only be requested when payments cannot be made with the Purchasing Card or any other standard University form of payment.

What is the cost?

Outgoing wire transfers are the University's most expensive payment option and are therefore processed only upon request. The internal costs associated with wire transfers are absorbed entirely by the University and are not passed on to

  Long-Term Rating Short-Term Rating Outlook
Moody's Investor Services Aaa P-1 Stable
Standard & Poor's AAA A-1+ Stable
Fitch Investor Services AAA F1+ Stable


  Quarterly Rate Annualized Rate
  Pool I Pool II Pool I Pool II
Quarter Ended        
Jun-21 0.004% 0.106% 0.015% 0.424%
Mar-21 0.018% 0.018% 0.072% 0.072%
Dec-20 0.025% 0.019% 0.098% 0.074%
Sep-20 0.032% 0.126% 0.129% 0.050%
Jun-20 0.135% 0.289% 0.540% 1.157%
Mar-20 0.387% 3.800% 1.551% 15.200%
Dec-19 0.565% 0.351% 1.844% 1.401%
Sep-19 0.563% 0.749% 1.850% 3.835%


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