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Your Feedback and Input is Encouraged!

Project leadership and the project team definitely want to hear from you! Here are a few ways to reach out: 

  • Check-in with representatives from your school or unit (we have Steering Committee members and Advisory Group Members in a searchable database).
  • Get in touch with anyone on the project team directly, or email us at [email protected] 
  • If you have a great idea or a question you think others might share, we encourage you to share it in the online community. Not only are we very responsive in that channel, but also, your colleagues can interact with your thoughts, too. It’s a great way to connect with others and keep all of our concerns, inspiration, and feedback in the open.
  • Take advantage of our Communication Resources

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Questions or suggestions?  Please email us at [email protected]!

What will I do in Workday Financials?

It's the most prevailing question related to the implementation of Workday Financials:  What will my work look like when we move to Workday Financials?

The answer to that question hinges on security roles, and how roles from Oracle have been mapped to Workday Finance.


What are Security Roles in Workday?


Workday's security framework enables what a user can see and do within Workday.  Security Roles determine what secured content, workers or transactions, and specific items or values, users can access. All employees receive the "employee as self" security role, which allows them to initiate self-service transactions. 


What has been done with Security Roles so far?

In March, we finished a sprint with UVA school and unit leaders on Security Role Mapping.  The first draft of this mapping was submitted to the project team in mid-March.  Currently, the FST team is reviewing those submissions to make sure everything looks good and that there are no conflicts.  There is still time for roles and responsibilities to be adjusted before go-live.


What's next?  When will I know what my role is within Workday Financials?

Starting in April, school and unit leaders will share role assignments with their teams.  These are discussions that managers and leaders will have with their teams.


How will I learn how to function in my role?

Training is role-based and begins in May.  We are providing Security Role Summaries that will help you understand what you will do in your role, what reports you'll be able to run, and what training you will need to take.  As your leaders have conversations with you about the role you will fill, this resource will be helpful as a snapshot of what you'll be doing.  

View Security Role Summaries "Day in the Life"

Communications Resources

The FST Communications Team has a wide variety of communication channels to keep you up to date on the project and the ways it will impact you and your teams. 

Check out this guide to our communication channels.

Our suggestions to keep up to date:
  • Make sure you're signed up to receive the UVAFinance blog digest.   (use the Sign Up feature in the upper left of the page)
  • Pay attention to "Five Things to Know about FST" in every blog digest.  (you can see them archived on the website in this Resources section you're currently visiting)
  • Come to Fiscal Administrators meeting (see recordings of sessions and meeting schedules in this Resources section you're currently visiting)
  • Check out WFST Radio
  • Need a quick overview of FST?  Check out this video.

Want a deep dive?

UVAFinance has launched an online community space for all finance professionals at the University.  Hosted on the Jive platform used for the UBI Community, the Finance Community is a place where you can get all the latest on Finance Strategic Transformation, ask questions about the project, suggest ideas, and much more. 

Log on at  If you have any trouble logging in, please contact the UVAFinance Communications Manager at [email protected] 

Every single presentation about Finance Strategic Transformation, even those made to the steering committee or working groups, are housed in the community and open for your questions and comments.  Plus, you're welcome at any time to share your general questions and ideas!

Log in and take a look -- and remember, your comments, questions, and concerns are welcomed!

NEW:  Check out this quick intro to using CommunityHub.


For Fiscal Administrators

Finance Strategic Transformation should enable our Fiscal Administrators to do their jobs with an additional level of ease and insight.  We appreciate the partnership of this group and value your feedback. We definitely need your direction in order to succeed!

You’ll be hearing regularly from the project team and finance leadership throughout the project. We want you fully engaged and aware of the decision processes. The FST team will be present at monthly Fiscal Administrators meeting, and we will collect resources from those meetings on this page.  Our plan is to collect the questions asked in the meetings on this page and post answers as quickly as possible (check back frequently!)  

If there's something that would be helpful to you that you don't see, please let us know!  Contact us at [email protected] 

With this close partnership, we'll have fewer surprises when we reach go-live!

2022 Meeting Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2022 Fiscal Administrators meeting as well as the Zoom link that will work for each meeting.  The link will be distributed with the agenda before each meeting.  All meetings are scheduled for 10:00 AM.  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 912 8821 1951 / Passcode: 849887

  • April 6
  • May 4
  • June 1
  • July – No meeting
  • August 3
  • September 7
  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7

Previous Meeting Notes

April 6, 2022

Terms Crosswalk


Pulse Activity Responses & Follow Up

One Pager for April 2022

Access meeting Recording: Passcode: !*V8JqYf

Know someone who needs to be caught up on FST?  Refer them to this video!  Or share this one-page resource!

March 2, 2022


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Access Passcode: e?17Wtj@

March one-pager

February 2, 2022


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February one-pager

January 2022

No meeting this month

January one-pager

December 1, 2021

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Zoom Passcode: 5B%YZr%p


December one-pager

November 3, 2021


Oct-Nov one-pager

October 6, 2021


Comms Channels Updated

Grants Focused One-pager

September 1, 2021

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Quick Reference One-pager

August 4, 2021 Meeting

Slides for August 4 Meeting

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Monthly One-Page Update 

July 7, 2021 Meeting

Access Zoom Recording

Slides for July 7 Meeting

Five Things to Know about FST

Monthly One-Page Update 

FST Glossary

May 5, 2021 Meeting

Slides for May 5 Meeting

Five Things to Know about FST

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April 7, 2021 Meeting

Slides for April 7 Meeting

Five Things to Know about FST

Access Zoom Recording

March 3, 2021 Meeting

Pre-Read Materials 

Slides for March 3 Meeting

Five Things to Know about FST

Access Zoom Recording (due to a technological error, the meeting content begins at the 50-minute mark)

January 27, 2021 Meeting

Pre-Read Materials

Slides for January 27 Meeting

Access Zoom Recording and Meeting minutes (due to a technological error, only the last portion of the meeting was recorded)

Recap of feedback on RAPID decisions from January governance meetings

Link to Community post where you can see all CCS slides

Direct link to the FDM pre-read video

"Five Things to Know about FST"

December 16, 2020 Meeting

Access Zoom Recording

Slides for December 16 Meeting

FST Communication for December 16 FA Meeting

November 18, 2020 Meeting

Access Zoom Recording

Slides for November 18 Meeting

FST Communication for November 18 FA Meeting

October 14, 2020 Meeting

Access Zoom Recording

Slides for October 14 Meeting

FST Communication for October 14 FA Meeting

September 16, 2020 Meeting

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Slides for September 16 Meeting

FST Communication for September 16 FA meeting

August 5, 2020 Meeting

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FST Communication for August 5 FA meeting

Slides for August 5 Meeting

July 29, 2020: Communication Channel Resource

There are several communication channels we use to share FST information.  Check out this resource for a breakdown of which channels might be most helpful for you, depending on what information you're looking for and how much time you have.  

View it here!

June 17, 2020 Meeting

FST Communication for June 17 FA meeting

Access Zoom Recording

Slides for June 17 Meeting

May 20, 2020 Meeting

Access Zoom Recording

Slides for May 20 Meeting

FST Communications for Fiscal Administrators May 20 Edition



Advisory Group (Change Leaders)

A Resource Page has been established for Advisory Group Members in the Online Community.  Access it here.  On this page, you'll find meeting minutes, meeting slides, videos, and more!

Quick Links for Change Leaders:

Communication Resources

Business Terms

The Business Intelligence team recently launched a dictionary of business terms and, moving forward, this dictionary will be the source of truth for business terminology at UVA. You can find the UVA Business Terms Site here

See also this Crosswalk of Workday Terms & Legacy Terms


FST Decision Log

All FST decisions are made using the RAPID framework, but formal RAPID documentation is only required with Tier 1 and Tier 2 decisions.  In the spirit of transparency, we’ll share decisions in our normal communications channels when they are made, as well as in the FST Decision Log.  Watch for continual updates!

Who makes the decisions? Read more about how FST decisions are made.

How is FST informed and guided by the UVA community?  Learn more about FST's governance structure.

View the full FST Decision Log

If you have a question about any decisions or upcoming decisions, please contact the project team at [email protected] or reach out to the Advisory Group member for your school or unit (find them here!).