Anjali Karnik Joins Payroll Team

Anjali by the bay

UVAFinance's Payroll Services Team welcomed new Payroll Specialist Anjali Karnik this October.  Karnik came to UVA most recently from a stint assisting the payroll team at Meta.  She brings a wealth of experience in accounting, banking, and payroll.

Coming from a family of financial professionals, Karnik knew she wanted a career working with numbers early on.  Her eventual choice to focus on payroll stems from how closely it's tied to the workforce: "Payroll connects Finance and Human Resources," she comments, adding that it's that balance she particularly enjoys.

Although she finds her software knowledge and skillset have easily transferred from private industry to higher education, she has noted the fast-paced nature of UVA's payroll department.  "There are so many types of payroll we run here!" she says.

Karnik enjoys going on adventures such as hiking and camping with her two daughters: Arya, 14, and Anika, 9.  She also likes listening to music and cooking, and has recently begun experimenting with Mediterranean recipes.   She lives in Freemont, in the San Fransico Bay area, and recommends you check out the restaurant Amber-India for great Indian American cuisine, the next time you're in town.