The Reporting & Analytics Team recently shared their release notes for January 12.  While we've already included that as a news item in the blog, we wanted to call your attention to two particular points of interest in the notes:The UBI Workday Fund Balance App is now available; use it to see Fund Balances by Ledger or Fund Balances by Fund sheet to see which ledger accounts and/or fund accounts are included in the Expendable Fund Balance rollupNew Workday Report "Project Funding S
Maheshwor Ghimire set specific goals early in his career - he wanted to contribute to finance operations. His new role in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services gives him the perfect opportunity to do just that.Before joining UVAFinance, he was in a sales and marketing role of an auto sales unit. He had previous experience at UVA as an intern and he knew he wanted to return."The UVAFinance internship showed me another level of the professional environment, especially the motivational presen
Scott Adams, Director of Business Systems in UVAFinance, is a recipient of this year's Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor Award. The Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor recognizes outstanding University staff or team members who demonstrate dedication to service through individual efforts, group contributions, and commitment to our larger community. This award is the highest individual, employee award at the University is named in honor of Leonard W. Sandridge, who was an
If you use the LastPass password manager offered by UVA, you may be aware that LastPass reported a data breach right before our holiday break. While we await official recommendations, the UVA Finance LSP team suggests enabling Multifactor Authentication (MFA) if you have an account with LastPass. This is not on by default. You do not need to do anything if you have already enabled MFA. If you'd like to enable MFA, we've included the instructions after the jump to help you.  The LastPass Aut
Your friendly UVAFinance Payroll Team has done it again!  W-2s are available NOW electronically in Workday.  If you opted to receive a paper copy, expect it in your mailbox by the end of the month.  ______________________________________Related news:  Payroll Getting the Job Done: Resources, Teamwork
If you're working on your school or unit's budget, you're probably well aware that it's due in about five weeks.  Remember that Adaptive goes read-only at 5pm on March 3, the budget deadline.  The working version will re-open one to two weeks after quality checks have been completed and the FY24 Original Budget Snapshot has been completed.  The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis has been doing check-ins and is eager to support you.  We're all learning toget
Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes are posted on the UVAFinance website for January 12th. This update includes significant new reports and modifications that have been released since December 2nd as well as known issues that we are investigating or working on currently.A friendly reminder that you always find this information and more reporting resources at: · Reporting Resources | UVA Finance ( · Business Intelligence & Analytics | UV
A fix to the MFS engine has been delivered and applied to the November and December 2022 fiscal periods. With the fix applied, we have been able to generate Account Certifications for the periods in question and they are now available to you with a due date of February 28, 2023.We were unable to consolidate both months into a single Account Certification; as a result, you will notice a certification has been created for Nov-22 and Dec-22. We have created a video resource that may assist you in
 UVAFinance's Spring All Hands Meeting is planned for Thursday, May 4.  Mark your calendar now!  More information will be shared very soon. 
Our fight or flight response kicks in when we perceive a situation as potentially dangerous or threatening. It's an automatic and unconscious impulse that stems from caveman days (thanks, evolution!) and could be causing you to burn out, make bad decisions, and all around feel pretty crummy at work and at home.Patty and Brandi talk to Augie Maurelli, James Gorman, Gretchen Kriebel, Sarah Fleming, Addie Coe, and Stacey Rittenhouse about what they've learned about managing this response and prior
 UVAFinance team members represent the University at conferences, lectures, events, and panels. And often, team members attend events and trainings that inform them about their jobs and careers. The Coms Team want to know about all of that! Why? Well, your participation in such events helps generate more interest in UVAFinance's work. It also helps demonstrate the University's commitment to lifelong learning and striving to always be great and good. Traveling to a conference, part
Most of us across Grounds receive our pay every two weeks – a solid schedule with an understood deadline. But for those working in Payroll, pay deadlines are weekly and they are never the same. With adjustments to pay due to items such as faculty awards, CVC deductions, changing work schedules, new hires, retirements, time off payouts, and more, no week looks just like the next. Managing deadlines for the Medical Center, Physicians Group, and UVA Academics, Payroll never shuts down, not even whe
Amanda Meares has joined UVAFinance as a Senior Financial Reporting Analyst with Financial Operations. Prior to joining the team, she was a Senior Financial Analyst on the Budget and Finance Team for the College and Graduate School for Arts and Sciences’ Office of the Dean. Her experience on Grounds will be helpful as she assists in preparing financial statements and external reports and analyzing financial transactions to ensure they adhere to standards and regulations.She had two years with th
As you know, the University is committed to cutting our purchases of single-use plastics. According to recent directives from UVA Leadership, UVA funds can not be used to purchase single-use plastic items, including plastic water bottles.We are excited to share that aluminum water bottles are now available for purchase through the Supply Room via UVA Marketplace! To purchase Virginia Artesian aluminum water bottles (available in 24 packs) through the Supply Room, search item # VAW169ALUM.&n
Refreshed Hoos Well Portal for 2023Join Hoos Well on Jan. 19 at 12 PM for a live demonstration of the refreshed Hoos Well portal, managed by Virgin Pulse. Learn how to improve your well-being as you earn up to $500 in cash rewards by participating in a combination of activities (e.g., Health Assessment, Journeys and Healthy Habits).Employees and spouses must be registered members of the Hoos Well portal and enrolled on a UVA Health Plan to be eligible to earn cash rewards (less applicable taxes)
Thank you to everyone who gave to the 2023 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.   The UVAFinance team gave over $7,000 to the good work local charities do in our region.  The total amount raised by UVA was $495,577.
Annual T&E card training begins on February 1, 2023. We look forward to providing this training to give cardholders the most current information on T&E Card policies and procedures.Cards must be suspended for any leave that will be longer than three weeks by submitting a T&E Card Change Request Form at you will be on leave in February, please contact us at [email protected] to prevent your card from being canceled for
Join our friends at Records & Information Management for helpful virtual training in January and April.  Learn how to identify records, manage them responsibly, and properly dispose of them.  See the spring schedule and register here:
Strengthening the relationship between the University of Virginia and the surrounding Charlottesville/Albemarle County community is one of UVA President Jim Ryan's top priorities.  As such, several UVA-Community partnerships have been formed, featuring working groups with goals to make our community as strong and equitable as possible. The President's Working Group on the Local Economy has a well-defined plan to increase local spending with local minority-owned firms by 10%, along with
UVA Supplier Diversity recently partnered with SupplierGATEWAY with the goal of reaching an ever-increasing group of local small and diverse businesses. SupplierGATEWAY enables buyers across UVA schools and units to become more familiar with the firms capable of providing products and services in the fields they're searching.SupplierGATEWAY is a platform used by hundreds of organizations across the United States, including hospital systems, professional sports leagues, Fortune 500 firms, an
1.  Procurement will operate under an altered schedule during Winter break.  Procurement has altered its payment schedule to accommodate the Winter Break. On December 21st the Accounts Payable team will make all payments scheduled through January 6th. Payments suitable for processing must be fully approved and ready for settlement by 9 am on the 21st. The normal payment schedule will reconvene on January 2nd.Procurement will operate at a limited capacity during the break. If you h
This is the last Finance Strategic Transformation Update of 2022 . . . and, if you can believe, it, EVER!Want to listen instead of reading?  Tune in to WFST Radio.Engagement is Ongoing in 2023 Thank you for the meetings you’ve attended, the WFST broadcasts you’ve listened to, the blog digests you’ve read, the emails you’ve tried to keep up with, the effort you’ve given to the project, the questions you’ve asked, the time you’ve taken:  thank you.  Sincerely. The spirit of collabor
Recently, Augie Maurelli announced that Amanda Lockhart Davis is UVAFinance’s new Director of Accounts Payable. With experience in several ERP, customer service, financial management platforms, and multiple procure-to-pay systems, Lockhart Davis’ most recent position was Senior Accounting Manager and Accounts Payable Manager for Maximus in McLean, Virginia. Before Maximus, Lockhart Davis was Accounts Payable Manager at Cvent. She also has worked in accounting and payables positions at Inova Heal
One of the last places on Grounds you may expect to find UVAFinance team members is at the Radioactive Safety Committee meeting, but that is just where you can find Gretchen Kriebel, Director of Property and Liability Risk Management.Kriebel and Kristin Dinwiddie, senior manager of Risk Control, are often involved in working groups and committees, such as the Radioactive Safety Committee, across Grounds so they can proactively stay engaged in activities and help groups mitigate risks in their wo
Procurement has altered its payment schedule to accommodate the Winter Break. On December 21st the Accounts Payable team will make all payments scheduled through January 6th. Payments suitable for processing must be fully approved and ready for settlement by 9 am on the 21st. The normal payment schedule will reconvene on January 2nd.Procurement will operate at a limited capacity during the break. If you have an urgent request with operational impacts, please send a request marked Urgent to askfi