Reporting & Analytics Highlights

The Reporting & Analytics Team recently shared their release notes for January 12.  

While we've already included that as a news item in the blog, we wanted to call your attention to two particular points of interest in the notes:

  • The UBI Workday Fund Balance App is now available; use it to see Fund Balances by Ledger or Fund Balances by Fund sheet to see which ledger accounts and/or fund accounts are included in the Expendable Fund Balance rollup
  • New Workday Report "Project Funding Source" shows Funding Sources with dates, worktags, funding amount, and available balances

See the release notes for details on the new app and the new report.

NEW:  The Reporting & Analytics Team is constantly churning out new reports and apps and enhancements and fixes, so to help you keep track of everything, we've added an archive of previous release notes to the bottom of the page so you can refer to past updates at any time!


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