Five Things to Know about Finance: December 13, 2022

1.  Procurement will operate under an altered schedule during Winter break.  

  • Procurement has altered its payment schedule to accommodate the Winter Break. On December 21st the Accounts Payable team will make all payments scheduled through January 6th. Payments suitable for processing must be fully approved and ready for settlement by 9 am on the 21st. The normal payment schedule will reconvene on January 2nd.
  • Procurement will operate at a limited capacity during the break. If you have an urgent request with operational impacts, please send a request marked Urgent to [email protected] and copy Alita Salley. For Travel and T&E card-related matters, please use [email protected] and [email protected]. Procurement will check these boxes Monday – Friday at 10 am and 2 pm.

2.  Account Certification News & Resources:  The Deadline for November Account Certification is COB January 20.  New Account Certification Resources have been posted on the training webpage, along with a new FAQ and a new Workday Account Certification Dashboard in UBI.

3.  Match Exceptions are improving, and we have new resources for avoiding them and correcting them.  Get the links to resources on the blog.

4. The Reporting & Analytics Team has posted release notes for December 2, including significant new reports and modifications for the month of November.  See the release notes here. 

5.  Finance Strategic Transformation is officially over as of the end of 2022, but support and engagement are ongoing in 2023, including Time with a Trainer and sessions like Fiscal Administrators and Business Officers Council.