Introducing UVAFinance: Nasima Andesha and Joyce Gredler

A lot has changed in UVAFinance in the past few years (understatement!). There are many new faces, changes to the organizational structure, and lots of differences in the way we do our jobs. When remote and hybrid work is added into the mix, it's easy to become unsure about which department does what and who works where.

Introducing UVAFinance is a recurring blog feature created to introduce our team to our team, a couple of members at a time. Every other week, we'll present readers with two team members to get to know. To understand how these colleagues are situated within the greater UVAFinance structure, check out this new resource on the UVAFinance website. (Keep in mind that it's not an org chart, but rather a map of what functions of central finance exist in which general areas.)

Let's go!


Nasima Andesha, Administrative Technician

What do you do as an Administrative Technician?

I coordinate and manage training for Workday Security Roles requested by users. I enroll users in Learning Programs/courses and then send them email notifications. I check Workday Learning for completion of the training almost every day. When the training is completed, I approve the request. If it’s not, I will send a reminder to the requester.

I also create courses and learning programs in Workday Learning, scheduling offerings as needed. Also, I manage Salesforce cases and answer any questions related to the training. Occasionally we receive a long list of employees’ names to be checked for the completion of the training or for a mass enrollment.  I handle these requests on a daily or weekly basis.

Who do you work with on a regular basis? 

I work closely with the training team and of course all other operational teams in Finance. Since I process all Workday security role requests submitted by members in the schools and units across UVA, it’s somehow direct or indirect cooperation.

What seasons are busiest, or what rhythms exist in your job?  

Receiving and approving workday security role requests are unpredictable and there is no peak time. We are busy all through the year.

What might surprise people about the work you do? 

There can be a very quick turnaround time on some requests for role access.  Even when it is a mass request, I work to get the job done in a timely manner so that people can move on with their work.  Being responsive to the timeframe others are working with is appealing to customers and it represents our department's values.

What do you like best about working in UVAFinance? 

The people are professional and nice and I enjoy working with them. I think Finance values the hard work we put in to meet the organization's goals. I am happy to be a member of the training team. They are wonderful especially Patty, who is always there for us. She works with us side by side and is supportive.

How do you connect your work with the UVAFinance values? 

I believe in the value of collaboration and teamwork towards our goals, and I welcome the value of providing excellent service to our customers.


Joyce Gredler, Senior Capital Equipment Accountant

What do you do as a Senior Capital Equipment Accountant?

I manage the Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) purchases of capital equipment by reviewing and approving the requisitions, as well as tracking the departmental costs by school to ensure that all funds are spent and accounted for during the academic year.  I review and approve departmental or grant capital equipment purchases, and I also process government property reports for equipment provided by or purchased on government-sponsored grants. 

Who do you work with on a regular basis? 

I work with all academic departments that purchase capital equipment.  I also work closely with ETF coordinators in each school, reviewing and tracking ETF equipment purchases.

What seasons are busiest, or what rhythms exist in your job? 

Before COVID, the busiest season was in the fall and at the end of the ETF year in May.  Now, my busy season is ongoing.  Especially since the Commonwealth moved the ETF Wish List submission date from September to July.  

What might surprise people about the work you do?

Although I have been a Fixed Asset Accountant here at UVA for 5 and a half years, I have worked in fixed assets for only 30% of my career.  Mostly I have specialized in other areas of accounting such as cost accounting, general accounting, financial analysis, and accounting management. 

What do you like best about working in UVAFinance?

By reviewing and approving capital equipment purchases and preparing government property reports, I'm given a glimpse of the important research that is taking place at the University that not only impacts the students but also impacts the healthcare provided to our community.  Our research has impact nationally and internationally.

How do you connect your work with the UVAFinance values?  

I try to do my best to help others process their capital equipment purchases as accurately as possible, and also to answer any questions they may have in the process.  It's important to me to build a friendly working relationship with our various schools and units. 


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