Maheshwor Ghimire Uses Stakeholder Insight, Flexibility in his PSDS role

Maheshwor Ghimire set specific goals early in his career - he wanted to contribute to finance operations. His new role in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services gives him the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Before joining UVAFinance, he was in a sales and marketing role of an auto sales unit. He had previous experience at UVA as an intern and he knew he wanted to return.

"The UVAFinance internship showed me another level of the professional environment, especially the motivational presentation from leaders like Melody and Augie," Ghimire shares. "Their leadership encouraged me to apply for the position in PSDS."

The work he did during the internship along with his experience in diverse areas of sales, customer service, credit, accounting, and trade finance made him a great candidate for the fiscal technician with PSDS.

A large part of his job includes pushing the operational part of invoice processing and converting resistance issues into a positive customer experience.

"Another aspect of the job is to keep the highest level of understanding with the inter-department people as a key facilitator for achieving our team’s mission, not derailing from the track, as guided by our departmental head," he says.

Ghimire reports the biggest challenge is to adapt to the new technological changes but he continues to keep stakeholders informed and models flexibility in the process.

"This is the continuous process of the modern professional environment in each sector, and the only
way to adopt it is to keep oneself dynamic and open to all changes," says Ghimire.

Thanks to Ghimire's experience in banking and sales, he has a deep understanding of good customer service and communication.

Ghimire loves to read philosophical books, meditate, practice yoga, and play the harmonium.

He is attempting to get in touch with his culinary side but that is a work in progress.

"I love to engage with my family and learn some cooking stuff from my wife but still in a form as Thomas Edition was in his early period."